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“Winter has never been so warm”

current collection  ―

Total black, deep brown, grey anthracite, chamois, grenadine and ashes of rose define a versatile wardrobe in which formal and leisure garments are enhanced in a play of over-layering. Chisel-cut jackets, which caress the silhouette, are made from the finest wool, cashmere and wool/silk blends. The outerwear collection presents a selection of field jackets, blouson jackets and parka coats, in different weights and materials, reinterpreted with a wealth of unique processes and details.  A contemporary lifestyle, a distinguishing style: “a man is a man everywhere”. 

inspiration  ―

The new Sant’Andrea Autumn Winter collection has been further developed a d completed, while remaining faithful to the concept of Timeless Elegance.

Refined colour palettes are inspired by italian artist Afro and particulary by his work titled “La Forcola”, a gestural and textural wool tapestry on which shapes dilate and colours light up. 


video campaign  

“a man is a man, everywhere.”  / written and directed by gianluca vassallo