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“Experience is not what happens to you,

it’s what you do with wit what happens to you.”

― Aldous Huxley

heritage  ―

For almost fifty years we have cut and tailored made-to-measure garments for the most exacting clients. The value of this experience lies in the rich memory of manual skills that lies in our hands; a memory that has been shared by three generations of tailors who have handed down the techniques and secrets of an ancient craft. It is this experience that today allows us to respond to your needs, providing you with clothes that are perfectly suited to you, impeccably finished, long-lasting and timeless. We want you to be proud of the clothes you will wear. 

origins  ―

Sant’Andrea has been synonymous with high quality menswear for fifty years. Founded in 1968, Saintandrews, it has rapidly established itself internationally by virtue of its made-to-measure garments that are cut and tailored entirely by hand. In 2006, it became part of the Trabaldo Togna Group, the celebrated producer of fine fabrics natural strech ESTRATO.