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“Talent is in the choises”

style  ―

Sant’Andrea style is characterized by a constant research of a contemporary idea of elegance meant as the fulfillment of a cultural process strictly tied to the man and his time. The know how acquired in 50 years of experience allows the company to have a clear vision of how tailoring practices and fabric technological evolution can coexist in the creation of a style not leaded by fashion, seeking with comfort and beauty to succeed as a new classic, a man expression that keeps his strength unaltered in time. 

why sant’andrea  ―

Elegance. From the Latin “eligere”, to choose. Elegance is knowing how to choose.
Choosing a tailor who can help you build your inimitable style, cater to your individual eccentricities, give the right emphasis to your personality through suits that are able to challenge the rules without calling them into question and to the right measure – yours.