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Autumn Winter 20 / 21

A masterly play of layers and contrasts defines outfits for men’s business and leisurewear, whose sensual and cocooning garments express a refined and contemporary elegance. The colour palette includes winter beige and deep brown, rich nuances of blue, ranging from ink to arctic sky, from sapphire to midnight blue, together with deep shades of ultraviolet, green grass and bronze.

Perfectly tailored suits and jackets put the accent on exclusive fabrics: the finest Estrato wool and cashmere, vicugna and wool-silk blends. The Outerwear collection mixes field jackets, parka coats and overcoats in different weights and textures, reinterpreted in new tailoring codes and modern manufacturing processes to offer comfortable winter protection.

Prints and jacquards, an unquestionable synthesis of colour power and bold graphics, enhance the features of the Sant’Andrea client, a man with a strong personality who lives the luxury experience with extreme authenticity and nonchalance. Iconic garments that combine the sar torial excellence of the brand with contemporary charm.