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Spring Summer 2020

The Sant’Andrea Milano S/S 2020 collection finds inspiration in the artworks by Giacomo Balla (Italian Futurist Artist), known for his keen awareness of colour, dynamic movement and observation of nature, which led him to develop a truly personal style.

Comfort is one of the characterizing elements of the latest season’s garments. This is evidenced by the wide us of Estrato Cashmere (Estrato 180’s Organica), which is traceable and sustainable, as well as being the only naturally elastic fabric on the market.

Suits and refined lightweight jackets have been reinterpreted in a modern style by reducing their proportions. Shoulders are curved and lapels are more pronounced. The colour palette has been extended to include pastel shades, to underpin the elegance of the Sant’Andrea Man.

In the ambit of sportswear, the brand presents minimal and loose-fitting garments in materials ranging from cotton to wool, from silk to linen and, of course, the ubiquitous Estrato. The use of technological waterproof and windproof materials interpreted in a fashionable way make these garments an ideal choice in extremely variable weather conditions.

A must-have of this Collection is the sartorial Safari jacket, which provides the inspirational source of the Field Jacket in technical wool and the ultra-light silk Blouson jacket or its more structured version in linen.

The coloured chamois leather used for some of the outer garments, the impalpable cashmere and silk knitwear and the ultra-light satin or piquet cotton for polo shirts complete the product offering.

A more informal style for the man of today who likes to enhance his elegance with comfort and a sporty attitude.

Artisanship, a preference for innovative fabrics, traceability and sustainability are the four distinctive elements of elegance according to Sant’Andrea.